Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Have you been called to intervene?

Monday, when I should have been writing, I was called by a friend. She had intervened in a scene and got involved in a suicidal attempt. The police were on the scene, and because it was familiar to my friend, she sensed she might be able to assist, so she got involved. Later, she called me and wanted me to encourage this person.

Well, my day off turned into police hunting us down because the person who needed to be seen and tested at the hospital became impatient, so all of us left. Our time together escalated to a level of fear, not knowing what might happen to us, in an attempt to help a person. The good news, the person is alive because of intervention.

The lesson learned: Be careful and prayerful. Be sure God has called you to intervene, and before going the extra mile to help someone, make sure it's not compassion talking, but the Holy Spirit being your guide. You could save yourself alot of trouble.

Be blessed this week!

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