Sunday, June 20, 2010

No More Candy Man

Who is this candy man
that no longer lives?
I used to call him Dad,
but now my Dad is dead.

His candy wasn’t worth all the bondage,
torment, and anguish.
The temptation of candy
is no longer a desire or a wish.

This man was exposed
and now he must die.
Everything that he assured me was truth,
were probably lies.

The candy man is dead
and Jesus is alive.
Jesus brings truth
to destroy every lie!

God is my refuge
and my strength.
“Praise God,
the candy man is dead!”

Kathleen Schubitz
© Copyright 2005-2010 | All Rights Reserved

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sleeping With the Enemy

This was not a personal experience, but expressions for a friend.  My hope is that you will find some healing from words written for another's experience.


(Her perpetrator was sleeping in my bed!)

Ugh! How could I not know?
I loved him; I confided in him.
He played me like a fool.
When I expressed my concerns, he acted real cool.

It was candy that kept her quiet.
I was my daughter’s mother;
I should have been the first to know.
It was not a mere stranger, but her father.

I must have been drugged
Because I was always aware
Of her surroundings and for my little girl.
Hateful I feel for not being there.

My daughter was being hurt;
I was not able to help her.
Thank God for the day
When I found him and saved her.

Full of rage and hatred,
I wanted to hang him from a nail.
But we ran for our lives not knowing what to do.
Because of his sin, he now sits in jail.

Now we are free, forgiving,
And learning everything new.

Kathleen Schubitz
© Copyright 2003-2010
Reprinted from Finding Purpose after Abuse

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Redeemed and Free

A little more than eight years following my near-death experience, I felt compelled to put my prose experience into a more poetic form.  This is not part of my inspirational poetry that God pours through me, but one that He will use to help others find freedom.

If you dare to read, read on!

Redeemed and Free

Running from outside in the bushes, he grabbed me
I began to panic; thought I’d never get free
With arms locked at my sides, unable to defend myself
I knew with God’s word in me, I really wasn’t helpless.

Forced into my apartment past the one o’clock hour
Tormented after midnight, my longest hour.
He wanted the lights to be turned on in the room
I told a partial lie so my life wouldn’t end up in doom.

My instructions were to get undressed
With arms tied, he was forced to do the work himself
While his long arms kept my body and mouth still,
My silent scream was, “God, is this your will?”

With arms locked down and face covered
I said to him, “Do you know Jesus?”
He disguised his voice and said to shut up
But I was willing to risk all, despite the disgust!

God’s protection and sustaining power as such
Allowed that perp to come, but he didn’t get much
God’s evidence wasn’t felt during my darkest hour
By His mercy, the perp had to leave in less than an hour!

As he rummaged to find the leftover cash
He had his chance; got his kicks, and left in a flash.
He thought he’d come back and do it once more,
My strength had been zapped, I fell to the floor.

With my face to the floor, he asked how I liked it!
Then whispered, “if you tell anyone, I’ll kill ya!
Humiliated in the dark and left all alone,
When I heard the door close, I searched for the phone.

Life had been spared, but I wanted to erase every thought
Too afraid and ashamed, the lights remained off.
Immobile on hands and knees, I hurried to lock the door
Seconds later, I heard him trying to open the door!

It didn’t take long for me to figure out
Whether I felt like being quiet or giving a shout;
God’s plan for my life is to work all things for good
It’s His story and redeeming power that must be understood.

I’m alive to share my testimony and story
To give God His place and all the glory;
To let you know, You too can be free.
Whom the Son sets free will be free indeed!

© Kathleen Schubitz
   All Rights Reserved