Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sleeping With the Enemy

This was not a personal experience, but expressions for a friend.  My hope is that you will find some healing from words written for another's experience.


(Her perpetrator was sleeping in my bed!)

Ugh! How could I not know?
I loved him; I confided in him.
He played me like a fool.
When I expressed my concerns, he acted real cool.

It was candy that kept her quiet.
I was my daughter’s mother;
I should have been the first to know.
It was not a mere stranger, but her father.

I must have been drugged
Because I was always aware
Of her surroundings and for my little girl.
Hateful I feel for not being there.

My daughter was being hurt;
I was not able to help her.
Thank God for the day
When I found him and saved her.

Full of rage and hatred,
I wanted to hang him from a nail.
But we ran for our lives not knowing what to do.
Because of his sin, he now sits in jail.

Now we are free, forgiving,
And learning everything new.

Kathleen Schubitz
© Copyright 2003-2010
Reprinted from Finding Purpose after Abuse

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