Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Inconvenience creates Opportunity

Last Friday I decided to wash my car. I had to move it out of the carport in order to do this, and when I was finished drying the car, I moved it back into place.

Well the day was quiet, and I had been invited to attend World Hope Celebration Dinner. I had to get all dressed up, and went to my car about 6pm, allowing enough time to get through downtown and to the Hotel.

I was planning on meeting new people and finding new clients and had everything ready. As I started my car, it refused to turn over!

I could have chosen to not pursue attending the dinner, just give up and stay in for the night. But I sensed I would have given in to what the Enemy wanted. I called the person who invited me, and as plans went well, she was able to find someone on their way to pick me up. We had a great time, fellowship, and good networking (and free dinner)!

The next couple of days also presented inconvenience; I had to rely on others to pick me up and take me to the store, church and anywhere else I thought I needed to go. I was planning to be without a car for several days. I thought the problem was serious.

Well, without my own car, I was not able to choose the church I wanted to attend. I was at the mercy of a friend. God allowed me to make new potential client connections and I was blessed with a free lunch today!

The best part of my car not working, is that the Lord told me what the problem was, and with input from friends, I was able to fix it myself. Money that I was stressing over having to be spent was saved!

God is so good. So when we think we're inconvenienced, we have opportunity and something to give Him praise about!

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