Monday, January 4, 2010

Dwell in Safety

Today in my quiet time, I was reading Psalm 4 and picked up on "Dwell in Safety."

As I pondered about dwelling in safety, I remembered times in my life when church, home and work were not safe places in the natural.

My way had to be different. After being assaulted and harassed by a church leader of 70 years in age, my way of doing things needed to change. I insisted on hand shakes, but it gave me the confidence to know what I wanted was right regardless of another's thoughts or beliefs.

When I felt unsafe at work, I recall having been the victim of sexual innuendos and inappropriate conduct by employees and customers. I asked for others who I trusted to be around my work area, while other issues had to be addressed with the owner.

Regardless of what others might say or do, you must do what you believe is best for you.

Pursue the safe dwelling in the Lord,


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