Monday, March 28, 2011

A Brain Teaser

I attended a Women's Retreat recently, with God impressing me with one word followed by anther word in a dream.  His plan was for me to look up the words and prepare myself.

Here's a poem I wrote with a different voice, knowing that my deliverance was drawing nigh. 

We shall have our freedom
We will have full liberty
We shall walk every day
To declare God's victory.

Our job gives you freedom to move
up or down, quickly or slowly
Being flexible and moving with ease
Living free of plagues and disease.

So when defilement comes
Don't allow resentment to invade our space
Know that we must remain free
To make you victorious by winning the race.

I'm a part of the body
Do you know what I'm called?

Send your answer. We'll offer a complementary copy of Scripture Keys (spiral bound) to the first person with the correct answer.

We are so blessed to have a faithful and loving God who cares about us more completely than we can ever imagine!



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